timeless collections

a manifesto of today's woman

The ETIMEĒ brand was born from the decision to launch a footwear and accessories brand that will represent the smart choices in fashion of a contemporary woman. A woman who has her destiny firmly in her hands. She is decisive and knows what she wants from life. She has her own opinion, her ideas and she cannot be fooled by short-term trends. She stands by her decisions.

Combination of craft & elegance

ETIMEĒ combines the art of masterful execution with elegance. Every accessory and shoe is thought out in detail and uncompromising in the use of quality materials. Even simple clothes can be turned into an impressive outfit. ETIMEĒ is timeless shoe that wears well and always fits.

timeless decisions

ETIMEĒ meets the needs of the contemporary woman who wants to be trendy, but at the same time follow her own style. She decides in her favor and to her satisfaction for several seasons. She knows that the fateful choice does not have to stand between her comfort and style.

responsible brand

We are all responsible for our decisions, even those that affect our surroundings. This woman is aware of the negative effects of fast-fashion brands and has decided to stop the pursuit of neverending consumerism. ETIMEE is a responsible and timeless brand, thanks to which a woman can say to herself: "This choice will not fade in time!"